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Firefox Sync

“Firefox Sync (formerly Labs/Weave) gives you secure access to your bookmarks, open tabs, and browsing history from any computer, as well as mobile Firefox and Firefox Home for iPhone. For details, see the Firefox Sync website.

Its possible to run it on your own server, instead of using mozilla servers!

ymartin59 has built minimal weave server in PHP and it works very good:

Installation is easy and fully described in a README inside the code archive:

here is the weave_minimal_server_20110626_mysqlJSON.tar.gz code

You need:

  • firefox >= 4 on multiple boxes
  • webserver w/ PHP
  • MYSQL Database (just one table)
  • “It is highly recommended to connect over ssl with https, if possible.”

Firefox setup is not so obvious:

  • always select “i dont have the device near me” to get a chance to enter your password and custom server
  • the 'secret sync key' is your password for the FIRST computer
  • you need to “add device” in Edit→ Preferences→ Sync and get your 'recovery secret key' to auth multiple FF
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