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LXC @linux:virtualization
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d btrfs snapshots after creating container mv /home/vservers/my-lxc-container/rootfs /home/vservers/my-lxc-container/rootfs.saved btrfs subvolume create /home/vservers/my-lxc-container/rootfs btrfs subvolume list /home/vservers # for unprivileged root container,
btrfs @linux:filesystems
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ince: * balance weekly * use btrfs fi usage /home/ to see disc space! btrfs fi show /home/ shows *allocated* space, which is always almost everything *... ag and compress: btrfs fi defrag -v -r -czlib /home/backup or set mount-option "autodefrag" remove... n btrfs fi show and btrfs fi df** btrfs fi df /home/ this is quite confusing: total shows the alloc
OVH Rescue Install @linux:debian_install
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2 -L bootfs /dev/md0 create btrfs raid fs root / home: mkfs.btrfs -L rootfs -draid1 -mraid1 /dev/sda4... do the same for homefs mount /dev/sda5 /debian/home btrfs fi df /debian/home btrfs bal start -v -f -sconvert=raid1 /debian/home btrfs bal start -v -f -dconvert=raid1 -mconvert=
Courier @linux:emailserver
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s, to configure forwarding of all mails: 1. use $HOME/.courier to setup $HOME/.forward for one account || dotforward | /usr/bin/maildrop 2. NOT TESTE... maildrop" Put the addresses to forward to in $HOME/.forward.,test@... user dir check all auto-whitelists: for i in /home/* ; do echo $i; sa-awl $i/.spamassassin/auto-whit
Cyanogenmod @android_-_os
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overy, if it doesn't work by booting with buttons HOME + VOL-UP + Power pressed * Backup from CWM reco... system and / or recovery in: * recovery: vol+ home power * download mode for ODIN: vol- home power * **fastload adb - adb is ALWAYS ON in recovery
Backup @linux
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heck fdisk -l) dd bs=4M if=/dev/sdX | gzip > /home/your_username/image`date +%d%m%y`.gz Restore: gzip -dc /home/your_username/image....gz | dd bs=4M of=/dev/sdX
S7edge @android_-_os
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cRR11 ===== Linux Chroot ===== TBD ==== Crypt home ==== It is possible to use a cryptfile as home partition in the linux chroot. Either mount a (huge) fi
Telekom Puls @android_-_os
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net/ttab Copy OS img to the tablet: adb push /home/tk/dl/ /
~/ home @linux
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====== ~/ home ======
Firefox Sync @communitycloud:services
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y computer, as well as mobile Firefox and Firefox Home for iPhone. For details, see [[http://www.mozilla
Nginx @linux:webserver
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p load: Vhost config top: fastcgi_cache_path /home/cache levels=1:2 keys_zone=MYAPP:100m inactive=60
Synergy @linux:network
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: su username -c "/usr/bin/synergys --config /home/username/.quicksynergy/synergy.conf" \\ == KDM
Monitoring @communitycloud:services
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e _; server_name_in_redirect off; root /home/local; # nginx_status configuration, need fo
Crypto @android_-_os
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can be mounted cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/block/mmcblk0p2 sdhome mount /dev/mapper/home /mnt/sd
SSH @linux:network
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www/user/ #root not only for for parent! "Their home directory must be owned as root and not writable
OpenWRT @communitycloud:freifunk
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Crash Recovery @linux
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Shell Commands @linux
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