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Formatting Syntax @wiki
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ection name behind a hash character as known from HTML. This links to [[syntax#internal|this Section]]. ... haracters or strings into images or other text or HTML. The text to image conversion is mainly done for smileys. And the text to HTML conversion is used for typography replacements, but can be configured to use other HTML as well. ==== Text to Image Conversions ==== Do
Redmine Project Mgmt @communitycloud:services
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List ---- \\ ==== Useful plugins ==== === wiki-html-utility === **embed HTML:** {{html(<br/><br/>)}} **inject an external JS or CSS file:** {{js_url(' all this: * info: http://
Crypto @linux:filesystems
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tips/fdisk-unable-to-create-partition-greater-2tb.html Check if the kernel supports EFI cat /boot/co... eicher-Angriff-auf-Linux-Verschluesselung-2072199.html * aes-xts-plain64 with --key-size ( = -s) 512 <... ts:** Check for a example scripts.. ---- \\ **Add a disc:*... T** Quoting : "Now that your new shiny encrypted logical vol
LXC @linux:virtualization
4 Hits, Last modified: * Working bridge config (french) sysadmin/2015/08/18/ip-failover-ovh-container-lxc.html * Nat and bridge howto - manual bridge adding m... ooting/troubleshooting_ethernet_bridging_on_linux.html ==== Bridge ==== Exposes the public IPs into a ... or run this inside the container: sed '/pam_l
Telekom Puls @android_-_os
3 Hits, Last modified: adb reboot bootloader fastboot oem unlock ... 440/rom-unofficial-ttab-7-1-lineageos-14-1.875266.html Stock ROM and recovery.img: https://www.androi... orum/alcatel-telekom-puls-by-alcatel.2440/puls-software-flashen-reparieren-nuetzliche-links.733834.html
mySQL @linux:databases
3 Hits, Last modified: ---- == Bug fixes == If you receive an error l... ng/t-how-to-fix-mysql-database-myisam-innodb-1634.html If you get annoyed, because nothing helps: kill ... ---- == set collation and character set in my.c
BIOS Upgrade @linux:debian_install
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em-Updates-fuer-NUC-und-Wireless-Produkte-4868422.html **Disable OVH Monitoring!** First install the F... apt install openipmi modprobe ipmi_devintf
Email-Server @linux
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/ssl-certificate-installation-courier-imap-server.html irus/30867-7-504-testing-port-465-smtp-ssl-solved.html === Test sending mail: === mail -s "Hello w
Etherpad Live Editor @communitycloud:services
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/bin/abiword", \\ **Export current pad as** * HTML * Plain text * Microsoft Word * PDF * Ope... pletly!!** \\ **Import from** * text file * HTML * PDF -- not much formatting, but text is com
Recht & Steuern @webdev
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haben** Wie bis anhin von der Steuer... nternational/Mini_One_Stop_Shop/FAQ/faq_M1SS_node.html weitere Infos * http://rechtsanwalt-schwenke.
Salat @food:rezepte
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2529061396362310/Avocado-Mangosalat-mit-Haehnchen.html ===== Wakame Algen Salat ===== * 1 Tüte/n ... lschrank ziehen lassen.
Monitoring @communitycloud:services
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external script: ===== munin ===== "Munin is a networked resource monitoring tool
btrfs @linux:filesystems
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// * ===== btrfs RAID ===== **If you run a RAID1 a
Saltstack @linux
2 Hits, Last modified: ===== bugs ===== salt-minion not starting - pro... s ===== * Starting point: *
Synergy @linux:network
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howtos: \\ === Easy setup trick for Debian/Ubuntu with ... d info: \\ **Alternatively synergyclient can be started
CourierMLM @linux:emailserver
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dirvish @linux:backup
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DokuWiki @wiki
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Graphics Driver @linux:system_config
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YaCy web search @communitycloud:services
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BananaPi M3 @linux:machines
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WebServices @communitycloud
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Editors @coding
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Printer @hardware
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Image Tools @design_-_grafik
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Debian Server Install @linux
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Debian inside @android_-_os
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