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Formatting Syntax @wiki
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e video has started. That image needs to have the same filename as the video and be either a jpg or png ... y have different levels * Another item - The same list but ordered - Another item - Just use ... y have different levels * Another item - The same list but ordered - Another item - Just use ... "He thought 'It's a man's world'..." </code> The same can be done to produce any kind of HTML, it just
LXC @linux:virtualization
2 Hits, Last modified: * ARP debugging http:/... oot in /etc/subuid and /etc/subgid - than its the same as running the containers as user. for best secu
Replication @linux:databases:mysql
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If both servers are inserting or updating in the same table replication will break on one server due to... rom a innobackup on the slave - ideally it is the same data. at least it should not have much lag, so ex
PHP @linux:webserver
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h ssh-sftp setup.because scripts are owned by the same user as the sftp user - not www-data. **Pool per... -site/ ===== Performance ===== For PHP-FPM the same optimization as for default php modules apply. =
ipv6 @linux:network
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t!!** **check your firewalls! -- use ip6tables - same syntax as iptables** ===== Network config ===== ... ## additional ipv6 ips - in ipv6 on the same interface eth0 (no eth0.x aliases): post-
mySQL @linux:databases
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do not become part of the dump. That ensures the same point-in-time for all tables. USE IF ALL TABLES A... ead into memory. the md5 sum should be always the same. found this trick here:
Apache @linux:webserver
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crt cert.crt private key ok? - should return the same value: openssl x509 -noout -modulus -in certif
Synergy @linux:network
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to it. \\ == Server-side: == This works in the same way: **put the following line in a startup hook-f
Nginx @linux:webserver
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e_timeout 5; # instead of 65 - less ressources, same performance ===== mod_pagespeed ===== dotdeb p
Courier @linux:emailserver
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les use these two variables, so I set them to the same cert files in all configs: Private Key and Cert
dirvish @linux:backup
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the reason is that multiple images expire on the same day: the code may not support that. Workaround:
Monitoring @communitycloud:services
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st Server connection:** It should reply with the same hostname as setup in munin.conf. If not, edit mun
Bootloader @linux:filesystems
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only be used, if both partitions have exactly the same size! 4. **parted** - no ext4, only from livesy
OVH Rescue Install @linux:debian_install
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-dconvert=raid1 -mconvert=raid1 /debian/ do the same for homefs mount /dev/sda5 /debian/home btrfs
Shell Commands @linux
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9 > /PATH/TO/BACKUP.gz **restore to a __drive of same size__ as original medium:** gunzip -c /PATH/T
Crypto @linux:filesystems
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