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Howto Install

Check the Cyanogenmod -Wiki:

S4 International LTE

Samsung Note 3 LTE

  • Backup! (see below)
  • Android 4.4 uses SElinux in “enforcing” mode: installation recovery via CWM recovery app impossible
  • Use flashify app to install downloaded recovery image


  • Backup!
    • Nandroid (needs ~2gb on sdcard) +
    • Titanium backup +
    • Rsync to linux via ssh server +
    • Backup /efs/ folder - it contains IMEI and phone data
  • Heimdall install and build fails on debian wheezy (libusb probs), but works in Ubuntu x386
  • Use Clockworkmod ROM- Manager to boot into CWM recovery, if it doesn't work by booting with buttons HOME + VOL-UP + Power pressed
  • Backup from CWM recovery via “Backup to external SD-card”
  • Wipe before install:
    • Fresh install coming from another ROM → Fullwipe: “wipe data / factory reset”
    • Cyanogenmod Update → “wipe cache partition”
  • Take care to install the correct version (unbranded / branded / US / Intl / LTE / …)

Howto unbrick

  • Broken encryption
    • encryption is generally broken in CM11 / CM12, Android 4.1 on Note10.1 - it may kill the system!
    • after upgrade or system failure, you may get stuck in a bootloop
      • if wiping doesn't help, you need to reset the passwort by deleting /data partiton and reformatting it:
        • If data is mounted in recovery, connect adb:
          • adb shell;
          • mount # to find data parti;
          • umount /data;
          • umount /sdcard;
          • mkfs -t ext4 /dev/xxxx

Remove password

  • TWRP recovery with adb is totally insecure - i dont say more..
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