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.bashrc - bash config

you can configure the bash command-line by editing the configfile in your homedir:

nano ~/.bashrc 

add aliases to create shortcuts:

alias ls='ls $LS_OPTIONS -lA'
alias ll='ls $LS_OPTIONS -l'
alias l='ls $LS_OPTIONS -lA'
alias tai='tail -f 1000'
alias df='df -h'

aliases for the root user:

alias upgrade='apt-get update;apt-get dist-upgrade;apt-get upgrade;apt-get clean;'
alias search='apt-cache search'
alias install='apt-get install'

change bash prompt (username@hostname, usually):

export PS1='|<@xs:\w\$ '

enable colorful ls output:

eval `dircolors`

setup history (arrow up / .bash_history)

export HISTSIZE=10000
export HISTFILESIZE=10000

add something to your $PATH: binaries in that dir will be found. now binaries and scripts in ~/bin can be called directly:

export PATH
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