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Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Lineage OS Install

Recovery / Download Mode

Turn off the Phone

  • Download Mode: Vol-Down + Bixby + Power - does not work: Vol-Down + Bixby + Plug USB Cable
  • Recovery Mode: Vol-Up + Bixby + Power

Lineage OS Install

Follow this word by word:

* ensure that the device is on the latest Android 10 firmware * After installing Recovery, do NOT reboot to System or Recovery will be overwritten with Stock Recovery * if you want GApps, install the directly after Linage OS install: * ..


  • Battery Usage seems to be high
  • No Samsung Camera App - OpenCamera is okay, but not as good as the Original App
  • S-Pen Software missing

Stock ROM Install

Get the latest Stock ROM from SamMobile (disable Adblocker to download!):

Follow instructions to install the ROM via ODIN (windows)

  Extract the firmware file you just downloaded. You should get 5 files:
  AP (System &Recovery)
  BL (Bootloader)
  CP (Modem / Radio)
  CSC_*** (Country / Region / Operator)
  HOME_CSC_*** (Country / Region / Operator)
  Add each file to its respective field in Odin v3.14.4. Use CSC_*** if you want to do a clean flash or HOME_CSC_*** if you want to keep your apps and data.
  Reboot your phone in Download / Odin mode (make sure your device is off) with the following button combo: 
  Once in download mode, connect your phone to the PC, preferably using the original USB cable you got
  with your phone. Odin should detect your device and a BLUE box will show up with the COM port number.
  (Be sure, the SAMSUNG-drivers are installed on your PC!)
  Do NOT tick any extra boxes. The only options to be ticked are F.Reset Time and Auto-Reboot.
  Click the start button, wait for Odin to say 'PASS' in a GREEN box. 
  Once the flash is complete, your phone will reboot, and you can disconnect your phone from the PC.
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