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Rooting works without problems with the default firmware from 04.2016.

After a SElinux update from ~23.05.2016 root is LOST. Re-flashing Super-SU or an updated CF-autoroot does not help :-(

Flashing the default bootloader from a sammobile stock firmware does not help - the device got stuck in a bootloop :-(

After flashing the complete system with the stock firmware from 16.04.2016 the device boots again and all data is still there (dalvik cache wiped in between from TWRP recovery) :-)

Now with the default bootloader it is possible to re-root the device with the latest CF-autoroot :-D

Make sure to disable further updates and update Super-SU to 2.74.

more information:

Linux Chroot


Crypt home

It is possible to use a cryptfile as home partition in the linux chroot. Either mount a (huge) file or create a second partition on SDcard.

Android doesn't recognize the SDcard, if you don't format it correctly: The first Sdcard partition must be formatted to exfat. The Partition type must be FAT32 LBA and bootflag must be set: Then android 6 will recognize it. The second partition will be trigger a “corrupted sd” message, but the first one will be mounted.

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