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WIKI Openwrt TP-Link TL-MR3420

Linksys WRT54


OpenWRT WIKI tl-wr1043nd


  • Quickest way is to download a precompiled stable image, look for openwrt-ar71xx-tl-wr1043nd-v1-squashfs-factory.bin.
  • use factory.bin to install from orig factory firmware
  • use sysupgrade to upgrade openwrt


turn on, wait for blinking SYS LED, press and hold QSS button until SYS blinks fast

use 'mtd' if its bricked by DD-WRT:

  1. Connect the router to a pc with an installed webserver providing the orig fw. 
  2. Reset to defaults may be useful. 
  3. ssh to your router 
  4. cd /tmp 
  5. wget http://yourpcwithwebserver/tp-link-wr1043nd-xxxxxx.bin 
     Attention! some firmwares containing "boot" in the name need modification - see scroogle!
  6. flash it via mtd: 
     mtd -e linux -r write tp-link-wr1043nd-xxxxxx.bin linux 
  7. Take a nap or do something else. 
     Be extra careful and read the mtd manual and the openwrt wiki for wr1043nd.
     - confirmed by snu 7.11.11

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