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BIOS Upgrade

For Intel Servers. Specially required to fix:

Disable OVH Monitoring!

First install the Flash Utility.

apt install openipmi 
modprobe ipmi_devintf
modprobe ipmi_si
/etc/init.d/openipmi restart 

First upgrade to the BRIDGE BIOS:

flashupdt -i -u /root/dl/S1200SPO_SPL_SPS_SFUP_BIOSR03012032_ME040104054/flashupdt.cfg 
flashupdt -u /root/dl/S1200SPO_SPL_SPS_SFUP_BIOSR03012032_ME040104054/flashupdt.cfg 

Error FIX;

BIOS Update In Progress:
Error :  Error while parsing the cfg file

Add “iomem=relaxed” to /etc/default/grub


“8. Debian OS does not allow IO memory map by default. User needs to add “iomem=relaxed” to grub boot option to enable IO memory map. ”

reboot after Bridge BIOS Version install takes a while ~5min or may nees a HARD REBOOT! The latest BIOS needs a HARD REBOOT!

If IMPI Java Concole is open - Web Manager reboot does not work?

It does not recognize the Chassis, but these answers ~seem~ ok:

Is System Fan 1 installed?y

Is System Fan 2 installed?y

Is System Fan 3 installed?y

Is System Fan 4 installed?y

Is CPU Fan installed?y

Are system fans redundant?n

Are system fans hot swappable?n

Is Chassis Intrusion Switch installed?n

Does the front panel support a NMI button?n


On 1 Server the latest BIOS Upgrade seems to have killed the IPMI config:

No information on the screen (“black screen”). No response to keyboard.

Actions: Restart the server hardware. We have flash and reconfigured IPMI

result: Boot OK. Server can 'login'. Ping OK, services started.

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