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Howto: Print via network on a HP Color LaserJet CP1215 connected to linux

I discovered how to use that printer - and probably many other models - via LAN from windows™ clients:
Once the drivers are installed locally in windows, they can be used over network via Samba! :-D

Linux clients can print via network protocols, which are integrated in Cups

Here's the recipe:

Linux Server Setup:

Get cups up and running:

sudo apt install cups hplip

HP says: hplip in debian repos is fine

Black print works perfect, color prints are problematic with the open source drivers

You might try HP's linux drivers:

If you don't have a graphical environment on your server: run 'hp-setup -i' to install driver from in a terminal
Share the usb printer via samba (nothing special) see smb.conf

Check the web-interface at http:<hostname or ip>:631 - the printer should be there already. you can set default options and administrate it.

You need a user for the admin pages. It's enough to add your user to the group “lpadmin” (and maybe reboot):

usermod -aG lpadmin pi
The command cupsctl is useful to setup permissions and share or hide printers:
cupsctl –remote-admin –remote-any –share-printers
To use the printer from Linux clients over network, you just need the URL of the printer. There are various protocols and drivers. The URL is listed in the printer page of the web-interface and might look like this:

Connection: hp:/usb/HP_Color_LaserJet_CP1215?serial=LJ1WEZ1
Use this URL to add a printer in your Linux desktop. Most times the printer setups find new printers automatically (via cups-browsed).

For better security, you can set various restrictions in /etc/cupsd.conf:

<Location /admin> Order allow, deny Allow from 10.10.10.* </Location>

=== windows™ client setup: === * boot XP [best in a virtual machine: e.g. virtualbox version from sun handles usb 2.0 devices perfectly ] * get “full package” of drivers & “HP toolbox”: * it is required to plug the usb-cable of the printer into the windows box during driver installation!! * connect to the linux server printer share from explorer: \\<hostname>\ - doubleclick printer * now windows asks for the driver files and they are available now from the previous local installation! * choose “select model” → HP → scroll to the end of the list, find “HP Color.. $your-model”, enjoy!
== +++ == * the windows driver contains 100s of profiles for all kind of papers * color-prints work much better * the “HP Toolbox” offers many options to setup the printer == linux bugs == * sometimes the printer stops to work - e.g. after system updates - with errors like “Filter missing” or “requires proprietary plugin” * FIX!: run 'hp-setup -i' to install driver from HP! - install and press “resume printer” in webiface
tested on: debian wheezy + XP 32bit - 04.2012

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